News Release Detail

November 20, 2019

Mylan Announcement of Redemption of Certain Notes Due 2020

On November 20, 2019, Mylan N.V. delivered a notice to The Bank of New York Mellon, as trustee (the “Trustee”), notifying the Trustee of its election to redeem (the “Partial Redemption”), on December 20, 2019 (the “Redemption Date”), $450,000,000.00 of the outstanding $500,000,000.00 principal amount of Mylan N.V.’s 3.750% Senior Notes due 2020 (the “Notes”) issued under the Indenture dated as of December 9, 2015 (the “Indenture”), among Mylan N.V., Mylan Inc., an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Mylan N.V., as guarantor, and the Trustee. Mylan N.V. instructed the Trustee to provide a notice of the Partial Redemption to holders of the Notes. The Notes will be redeemed at a redemption price calculated in accordance with the Indenture, plus accrued and unpaid interest on such Notes to, but excluding, the Redemption Date.