News Release Detail

September 30, 2015

Mylan Statement on its Policy Against the Use of Mylan Products in Capital Punishment

Mylan is committed to setting new standards in healthcare and providing access to more affordable medicines for the world’s 7 billion people. We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of quality and integrity in everything we do.

Mylan only distributes its products through legally compliant channels. All of its products are intended for prescription by healthcare providers consistent with approved labeling and applicable medical standards of care.

No Mylan products are approved for, labeled for, or marketed for use in lethal injections. Mylan does not distribute products that could be so used to prisons, nor does the company condone its products being distributed by any third party for use outside of the approved labeling or applicable standards of care. Mylan has taken steps to prevent the misuse of its products. Specifically, Mylan has implemented restricted distribution protocols for certain products to help preclude their unauthorized use for capital punishment. 

Our distribution restrictions limit the sale of such products to a select group of direct customers and prohibit their resale to correctional facilities for use in lethal injections or to any other unauthorized purchasers. Customers have been informed that if they do not comply with these restrictions, Mylan will no longer supply them with these products. Mylan takes this matter seriously and will continue to work with distributors and other interested parties to ensure that its products are used appropriately.